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LCLA Luncheon 12.7.16

LCLA hosted General USAF retired John Jumper at the December 7th luncheon. General Jumper retired in 2005 as the 17th Chief of Staff of the Air Force. He spoke about the political situation in the US in his opinion as well as the defense budget, acquisition process. General Jumper stressed that our military needs to be modernized. He pointed out that we must build up our conventional deterrent to react to the current battlefield, and to be able to secure our country at home and abroad. LCLA President, Bruce Sturk, presented General Jumper with an LCLA challenge coin. Also attending the luncheon were Mayor of Hampton Donnie Tuck and former Mayor of Hampton George Wallace. Mayor Tuck presented General Jumper with a City of Hampton challenge coin commemorating the 100th anniversary of Langley Air Force Base.

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