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LCLA Luncheon 6.7.23

LCLA’s June luncheon, featured speaker was Col William Creeden, 1st Fighter Wing commander in charge of worldwide rapid deployment and employment of F-22 air dominance fighters. The F-22 is currently going through the most extensive modernization ever. He also discussed the shooting down of the Russian balloon found 10 mi over US airspace and the accomplishment of shooting it down with an F-22, not made for that type of target. He was presented an LCLA challenge coin for being the guest speaker.

LCLA President, Bruce Sturk, presented Steve Hussell a “Certificate of Service” for his dedication and support of the LCLA mission. Steve was a founding member of LCLA and has been with the organization for over 25 years. Steve is retiring from banking and moving to Florida with his wife Sandy. He will be sorely missed by all LCLA members as well as the Airmen he supported for many years at JBLE.

Bruce, presented new member, City of Poquoson, Councilman , Keith Feigh, with the LCLA challenge coin.


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