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The Langley Civic Leaders Association (LCLA) is a not-for-profit organization created in 2001. 

Effectively supporting Langley Air Force Base (LAFB) and its associated tenant organizations to keep the base open and active. A base that is critical to the economy of the Hampton Roads region and Commonwealth of Virginia . We support the base, its functions, and programs as well as all of its military personnel and civilian employees.

Membership in the LCLA provides individuals with an opportunity to enhance the quality of life of the men and women in the Air Force, and improve the civilian and Air Force communications throughout Hampton Roads. 

Langley “Civic-Leader” Association Definition: 

Credible, engaged, respected, inspirational individual of good principle and character within the community noted for their leadership and philanthropic desire to contribute to the wellbeing of the Airmen and their families assigned to Langley AFB without personal gain.  Someone who is involved in the community, has a network of contacts where they are in fact a leader, can be a spokesperson for the value of our military community to those who don’t touch it on a daily basis.

Our Mission

Educate the community with respect to the mission and needs of Langley AFB, and it's tenent units,  Hampton, Virginia, the Department of the Air Force, and Air Combat Command

Promote the morale, welfare and education of the personnel attached to Langley AFB and their families

Promote and enhance a mutually beneficial relationship between the community and Langley AFB.

Promote the enhancement and improvement of the facilities and assets of Langley AFB, and it's tenent units.

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Document Library

LCLA By-laws Updated April 2013

Fiscal Year 2018 Economic Impact Analysis

From the Military Affairs Committee

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